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Honest Garage. Great Service. I new there service writer Ed for many years. Even before he became a service writer at Gainesville Garage. Ed was a top notch mechanic for VW Restoration. My Auto Shop was in the same location. My wife company asked me where should they take there fleet vehicles and employee vehicle. I told them to Gainesville Garage. Dave the owner has been in the business for many years. Not only as a great mechanic but business owner. So Dave and Ed make a great pair. When it comes to customer service. I even take my personal vehicles to Gainesville Garage. Keep up the great service.

— Google User

I visit Brady’s a few times a week and have been doing so for years. Every time I go there I am greeted by a friendly face. The store is always clean, and the service is great. I have never had any problems with a repair or the service department at all. Brady and his staff have been nothing but fair and have helped me with all my needs.


One person claimed they support small business and then turned around and complained about the price of water/milk. Do you know how big businesses like Walmart can sell stuff cheaper than its competitors? They get better deals. Why? Because they do a ton of business with its suppliers and buy large quantities, therefore, they get discounts. Apply this to a gas station like Holiday, which has like 600 stations, and it’s easier to see why they can sell their milk cheaper. So if you as a small business buy each gallon of milk at say $2.79 a gallon and mark it up 50% while holiday pays $2.00 a gallon and marks it up the same 50%, it’s easy to see why there’s a big difference in price. Small businesses still have to profit and still have bills to pay. If you think it’s as simple as just paying rent and utilities you’re dead wrong. Try running a small business before you spout off about prices.


It’s so easy to tarnish businesses today and anyone can do it with a click of the mouse, and it’s sad. Read other reviews submitted by the people who gave one star and most of them have posted nothing but negative remarks on every review. To me that just says they like to complain.


Like I said, I have always been greeted by a friendly face and have been treated right. I haven’t had a bad experience yet and that’s why I continue to support them.

— Google User

Kathy said she was able to drop her vehicle off there without any notice. They repaired the headlight quickly and they were super convenient.

— By Kathy M. in Warrenton, VA

John said they were quick and they did good work. They worked with him.

— By John B. in Broad Run, VA

Always quick, reasonably priced and friendly! They don't try to oversell items you really don't need like Virginia Tire does.

— By MARY G. in Gainesville, VA

Allison said she was recommended to this business and over all she had a good experience.

— By Allison L. in Bristow, VA

Jordyn said everyone was very helpful at the business.

— By Jordyn K. in Manassas, VA

Tyler said the business was nice and local. They provided good customer service. He would recommend them for service.

— By Tyler C. in Fairfax, VA

Reliable and great customer service! Pam, Ed, Dave and the guys are the best! They stand behind their work and are on top of their game. Fair prices, prompt service and great customer service have made me a repeat customer for my automotive needs. You've got a client for life, keep up the good work.

— By Neil C. in Haymarket, VA

Honest and friendly. Gainesville Garage is our favorite garage. They always greet us with a smile. They never pressure us for unnecessary services. They are fast with appointments and completing work.

— By CHRISTINE P. in Gainesville, VA

Andrew said this business provided good service. They are great, patient and helpful. They are great to deal with.

— By Andrew S. in Nokesville, VA

Jacques said the experience was very good. He liked the customer service.

— By Jacques P. in Manassas, VA

Herbert said they take good care of him. They are honest with their prices and everything.

— By Herbert B. in Manassas, VA

Wendy said she always goes to this facility and the people are always very friendly, helpful and professional.

— By Wendy S. in Haymarket, VA

Peter said the employees were great to deal with.

— By Peter M. in Gainesville, VA

Shirley said the staff was great. They were kind and they did a good job.

— By Shirley B. in Gainesville, VA

Very friendly, honest, customer oriented 100%, great prices with discounts.

— By CINDI R. in Gainesville, VA

Excellent customer service. Had the repair done the same day. Made sure we got our vehicle back after hours. We had a leaking axel seal in our motor coach. They arranged for us to drop it off after hours, fixed it the next day, and arranged to have us pick it up after hours the same day. Really great service. Thanks, Ed.

— M. Rogers

I've used GG for years. They're always up front & honest with me about what my car needs & what work is most important to get done based on my budget. The shop is comfortable & the staff are very friendly. I would recommend GG to anyone looking for an honest & direct mechanic.

— Megan Carr

Excellent customer service and good value.  I've taken two cars to them and plan to do so again.

— Alistair Funge

Great value, fast and friendly service techs, will most definitely use their garage the next time I need my car serviced.

— Kevin Bowling

I have been to Gainesville Garage a few times now, and every time has been a good experience!  Everyone is friendly and polite and I have never felt pressured to get additional work done like I have at other garages.

— Yelp Review

My wife and I have used Gainesville garage for all of our oil changes and general maintenance done over the past 5 years.  All I can say is that I'm so glad we have a local, trustworthy shop in the Gainesville area!!  We love this place!  They've done consistently great work for very reasonable rates and will not talk you into unnecessary repairs.  We've had tires, alignments, brakes, inspections, and other work done and will continue to use their services.  The staff is always very friendly and they get your vehicle done in most cases before they quoted you it would be done.  Keep up the great work GG!!

— Yelp Review

Seems like a great spot.  Wife and I took both our cars here for inspections and they owner was extremely friendly.  Didn't try to upsell anything which is nice for a change.  After dealing with another shop in Gainesville that we had a horrible experience at this was a huge relief.  I talked to the owner about a quote on something I need fixed and it seemed very reasonable.  Really nice people here.  Clean shop.  Very glad to have found a spot that seems trustworthy.

— Yelp Review

I love Gainsville Garage! It's comforting to know that as a woman I can bring my car to get repaired and not have to worry about being ripped off. Dave has always been friendly and I appreciate his service. I drive all the way from Leesburg just to have him and his team work on my car!

— Yelp Review

Fantastic service and a rare find.  I know zip, zero nada about cars so I could be an easy target but I don't have to worry at all because this garage is totally honest and professional.  Dave and his team have taken care of my car for about eight years and I am extremely pleased with their work and their prices.

— Yelp Review

I don't think you will ever find a more ethical repair shop in your life. These guys make you feel like your Dad is working on your car. I wouldn't recommend any one else.

— Yelp Review

This is hands down the best auto shop I have ever been to.  Called at 8:00AM this morning due to a grinding noise coming from my front end of my car (turned out to be a bad wheel bearing).  Spoke with Ed and he let me know that they would be able to take a look at my car in the morning without a problem to assess the issue.  When he called to update me on the status, he mentioned that it the left bearing was definitely bad and needed to be replaced, but that the right bearing may need to be changed out as well if that were also contributing to the squeaking.  I told him that it would be totally fine for him to replace both bearings.  When Ed called to let me know the car was ready, he told me that, upon looking at the right bearing, that it was totally fine, produced no squeaking, and didn't need to be replaced.  In all my time having my car serviced, I have NEVER encountered a mechanic who hasn't performed work that they were approved to do because it wasn't necessary.  It was so refreshing to speak with someone who was fixing only what needed to be fixed and not trying to upsell me on $400 worth of services that the car didn't REALLY need.  When I arrived at the garage to pick up my car (which was done within 5 hours of authorizing the labor), I was greeted by the incredibly kind woman at the front desk (whose name I didn't catch but I wish that I had because she was SO nice).  We chatted for a few minutes, then she informed me that, because I was a first-time customer, I could take advantage of a special $20 discount promotion that they run.  I know $20 is a drop in the bucket compared to the total cost of service, but I greatly appreciated the gesture nonetheless.  As if the $20 off wasn't good enough, they also gave me a gift bag. A. GIFT. BAG.  At an auto shop.  JUST for being a first-time customer.  The bag was full of adorable Gainesville Garage branded items, and some coupons for future car service needs.  I was STUNNED (and thrilled because I was in need of a new desk coffee mug).  The staff was nothing but polite, professional, and courteous in all of my interactions with them.  I am only working in the Gainesville area for 2 months, and I am so sad that I won't be able to continue to use them as my home auto shop.  Ed and team do a great job of making an excellent first impression.  I would HIGHLY recommend them.

— Yelp Review

Great guys. My 2012 Wrangler was making a funky sound two days before Christmas. Normally I do all my own work on my Jeep, but I was pressed for time with the holidays, so just stopped in to have them take a look. It wasn't possible to look at it that afternoon as it was pretty late in the day, but they handed me a set of keys to their loaner and made a copy of my license. That was it - no paperwork, no questions. Their loaner should be a testament to their work. It was a 2000 Toyota Camry with over 200k miles on it and it ran like a champ. They said that the serpentine belt needed to be replaced and in order to pass the VA safety inspection, they had to replace a seal on the rear axle. Again, I normally would have done the serp belt myself, but the seal was a pain and I just had them do everything. Not once did they try to upsell or tell me that they had to replace both seals. In fact, they even adjusted my emergency brake at no charge so that I would pass the inspection. Price was a little higher for the individual services, but since they didn't try to charge me for unnecessary work, the overall bill was cheaper than if I had gone to another local shop that constantly tries to sell more work than necessary.

— Yelp Review

Just a short note to thank you for handling the exigent repair and refurbishment work on the Troop 55 Scout Trailer. It was a job done quickly and without problems. We appreciate the thoroughness of your assessment on the trailer, especially the note 'Axle NOT bent' comment. Some of the uniformed adult leaders felt we had, at times, overloaded the trailer and it was nice to hear there were no issues with the axle.

— John Mealey, ASM Troop 55

An HONEST REPAIR SHOP!! Relax. Dave and company will never jerk you around or pad the bill. Their work is high quality, fast, and complete. Many repair shops can fix your car, but Gainesville Garage will do it right and give you the truth about what needs to be fixed and what can wait. Their fees are always reasonable. They even let me use their loaner while they fixed my car. The dealer wanted $3000 to replace my rack and pinion steering when it turned out that the grinding noise was just one of my mud flaps rubbing against the tire. Give them a try!

— Google Review

I've been coming here for minor stuff for about 2 years (oil changes and tire changes on my Honda, and the same plus brakes on my wife's VW). They checked out a clicking noise on my Honda once and were able to pinpoint a problem with one of my fog lights that was dangling and making the noise (stupid, I know) and they didn't charge me for doing that, which I thought was very nice of them. This place has always been reliable and the owner and his wife are cool. Never had any problems. I take care of my vehicles and am glad I can take it to a nice garage that takes care of it too.

— Google Review

I am a fleet manager for a large landscape company and have purchased trailers from Gainesville Garage for several years now. When buying trailers I always look for a vendor that has good pricing but more importantly, has great service, and pays attention to details. Dave and his crew do all of the above. I order very specific trailers that require special modifications and these guys come through every time, on time. Have been buying from them for several years and will continue to do so in the future.

— Charlie L., Fleet Manager

Called to see if they could fit me in for a state inspection. After arriving they had finished in less than 10 minutes! Excellent auto, trailer, and light RV service.

— Google Reviewer

Gainesville Garage service and staff was amazing! After searching all around for a fix to my a/c issues, Gainesville Garage didn't over charge, giving me the best price in the area, they gave me an appointment and took my car in, they gave me a loaner and fixed the issue. The staff was so friendly, polite and professional. I will always return here and refer everyone here!!

— Yelp Reviewer

I just had my. A.R.E truck cap install on my tundra- they did an amazing job!! It was done in the time period like they promised me... I couldn't be happier with my purchase. Working out of my truck will be so much easier now. I would recommend all to use Gainesville Garage for your truck cap needs!

— Yelp Reviewer

We have two cars which were originally maintained at recommended intervals at the car dealer where the cars were purchased. One car had recommended periodic maintenance included in the purchase price for a few years. The other did not. The cost of service at the dealers was high. Since switching the Gainesville Garage the service was much better, much lower cost, much faster and much closer to where we live. Now we only use Gainesville Garage for all car maintenance and other services. Our car maintenance costs have dropped by about 80%. The staff are really nice as well.

— Google Reviewer